Alliance VF the 1st flotation tyre with VF Technology: now all field activities can be run with Very High Flexion tyres

A new season is about to start: field preparation, planting, seeding, spraying, harvesting, transporting crops and ploughing. Alliance Very High Flexion tyres are the best partner farmers and contractor could rely on when it’s time to protect their soil and optimize their crop while carrying heavy loads.

Alliance is the only brand offering a concrete solution for soil protection while pulling trailers, sprayers and spreaders. Before the launch of Alliance 389VF, farmers used to drive their tractors fitted with VF tyres in order to reduce the soil compaction, but any benefit was then unavoidably ruined when a trailer equipped with standard tyres was passing over the same ground. Now, thanks to the combination of flotation and VF features, the ground has maximum protection ever while carrying the same load at 30% less air pressure. Alliance 389VF is the only flotation tyre in the market with VF technology that allows to complete the full agriculture cycle by using VF tyres.

Furthermore, Alliance offers a wide range of VF tyres designed to cause the minimum possible soil compaction during field activities: Alliance 372VF, engineered for tractors and harvester; Alliance 354 and Alliance 363, designed for sprayers and row crop tractors.

More and more sizes for Alliance 389VF

The size range of the Alliance premium tyre 389VF is getting wider and wider. 6 sizes have already been released and are now available: VF 560/60R22.5, VF 600/55R26.5, VF 650/55R26.5, VF 710/50R26.5, VF 750/45R26.5, VF 750/60R30.5 Further 2 sizes are under development: VF 650/60R26.5, VF 800/60R32.

Alliance 389VF is leading the flotation radial market as the very first tyre able to combine flotation and VF technology: this Very High Flexion Flotation tyre offers the possibility to be either operated at 30 per cent lower tyre pressure or with 30 per cent more load at the same pressure as a conventional flotation tyre. By means of this outstanding innovation, Alliance Tyre Group is able to provide high-performance tyres which allow trailer tyres to mirror the pressure of VF tyres on today’s high horsepower tractors, thus significantly reducing foot print pressure and resulting soil compaction during agricultural operations – which in turn allows to maintain soil fertility and high yield potentials

Alliance A389 Vf 3 Large

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