Dayton expands truck tyre range

Dayton is launching two new products in the value truck tyre segment: medium-sized Dayton D550S steer tyre and D650D drive tyre for light and medium trucks.

Dayton tyres are made in Europe by Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber manufacturer, to give cost-oriented fleet operators essential performance at the best possible price. And because Dayton tyres benefit from Bridgestone process and quality controls, fleet operators can be sure they are fitting durable, quality tyres that will get the job done whatever the conditions.

Steven De Bock, Director OE & Rep Sales Operations Commercial, Bridgestone Europe says: “These two new products give Dayton wider coverage in the value segment of the European truck tyre market where price is king. Backed by Bridgestone, Dayton is successfully carving out a distinct position based on reliability and performance.” 

New Dayton D550S steer tyre and D650D drive tyre for light and medium trucks

The new D550S and D650D medium-size tyres target the light (3.5 to 7 ton) and medium (7.5 to 16 ton) truck segment, popular with the regional distribution, vehicle rental, household relocation and construction industries.

These vehicles typically operate in urban areas and on regional routes, with less time on highways. The new Dayton tyres are therefore designed to cope with the challenges of delivery operations such as curbing, stop-start use and the strains of multiple short journeys on a variety of road surfaces. 

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