Eliminate costs of TPMS sensor replacement with service kits from Hamaton

Starter Kit Hamaton Large

With the weather getting colder, many motorists are now changing over to Winter tyres, meaning a considerable amount of TPMS sensor valves will require servicing. This creates the opportunity to bring in more business for garages and servicing centres - and as more and more new cars on the road are fitted with TPMS, this number is increasing every year.

Most manufacturers recommend that whenever a tyre fitted with TPMS is removed, the sensor valve is serviced or replaced, in order for the sensor to last as long as possible. This is because the valves are subjected to chemicals and road salt during the Winter, and are affected by metal fatigue over time. Servicing valves extends the life of TPMS sensors and avoids the unnecessary costs associated with replacement. A TPMS sensor itself can last for around 5-7 years, but servicing the valve instead of replacing the sensor is an economical alternative.

Some sensors have rubber ‘snap-in’ valves which need to be completely replaced when tyres are changed, however the majority of sensors on the market are equipped with metal ‘clamp-in’ valves, which are capable of being serviced to maintain their efficiency.

For this purpose, TPMS manufacturers, Hamaton Ltd, offer a complete range of replacement parts and service kits, covering almost 100% of the OE market. Hamaton’s Starter Kits 1 and 2 offer a selection of all the most popular sensor service parts within the European TPMS market, and are therefore Hamaton’s recommendation for every tyre bay or garage business. All of the individual service kits or valves from Hamaton’s Starter Kits can be reordered in boxes of 10.

Further information about Hamaton’s service parts, together with a full service kit and valve list, can be found at:

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