Hamaton expands valve portfolio with cost-efficient, lightweight, fast flow series

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TPMS and traditional tyre valve manufacturers, Hamaton announce advantageous new additions to their already extensive valve portfolio - TR413 and TR414 Snap-In valves with aluminium cores, which are cost-efficient, lightweight and fast flowing.

When compared to its brass counterpart, in-house testing identified our TR413/TR414 Snap-In valve with aluminium core upholds the same 210km/hspeed rating but is 20%lighter and boasts a 60%faster airflow rate for inflation as well as deflation.

Furthermore, the aluminium core option is more economical than brass. However, customers can rest assured they will still obtain a premium product, as each valve undergoes rigorous quality checks. But don't just take their word for it - TÜV Süd recognises the manufacturing process as a Quality Management System that fulfils the requirements of IATF 16949.

Product codes are as follows:

• TR413 Snap-In with Aluminium Core: 1-102AL

• TR414 Snap-In with Aluminium Core: 1-103AL

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