Hamaton's EU-Pro Hybrid 3.5 Sensor is 3-in-1; Configure, Program or utilise its Multiprotocol-App

Eu Pro Hybrid 3 5 Packaging With Clamp In Sensor

Hamaton's latest TPMS sensor generation, the EU-Pro Hybrid 3.5 possesses a technologically advanced feature. The Multiprotocol-App contains preprogrammed protocols for many popular German vehicles, including BMW, Mercedes and Smart. Sensors come ready to install - additional programming isn't necessary. Therefore, garages can dramatically reduce the time it takes to fit sensors, which will be hugely beneficial during busy tyre changeover seasons.

Additionally, garages who have EU-Pro Hybrid 3.5 sensors in-stock can start utilising the Multiprotocol-App immediately, as the feature is already built-in. For a complete list of compatible vehicles, please visit

Don't worry if a vehicle isn't on this list, EU Hybrid 3.5 sensors are still the optimum aftermarket solution. They can be configured with 99% of 2018/19 models in 1 – 3 seconds (the fastest time in the market) and programmed to brand-new vehicles, presenting complete flexibility while preventing obsolete stock.

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