Hankook truck tyres for construction site use now as OE on all Scania trucks

Hankook Truck Tyres For Construction Site Use Now On Scania Df47B0F1A4 Large

Premium tyre maker Hankook is now supplying five additional tyre treads for all Scania models designed for use on construction sites, including their new XT generation of construction vehicles. These are the steering axle tyres SmartWork AM06, SmartWork AM09 and SmartWork AM15+ as well as the SmartWork DM06 and SmartWork DM09 treads for the drive axle.

The commercial vehicles manufacturer is part of the Volkswagen Group and the latest truck OE partner for Hankook. Hankook’s OE business with truck tyres for Scania is currently concentrating on Europe and covers a total of 26 dimensions in the 22.5 and 24 inch range. Alongside truck tyres for construction site use, Hankook is supplying the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer with the e-cube MAX, a truck tyre range for long-haul traffic as well as the SmartFlex, an all-year tyre for medium-haul applications. The range has been specially adapted for European conditions, boasting both ecological and economic advantages.

Han-Jun Kim, Head of Hankook Tire Europe commented: “We are looking forward to expanding our cooperation with Scania. We have to rely on maximum durability when designing tyres for construction site traffic; our SmartWork line was able to completely convince the Scania engineers.”

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