Insa Turbo Wins with Sargeant at the Rallye Labourd

Labourd Rallye 5 Large

Andy Sargeant from Reigate in Surrey, competed in the 3-day Rallye Labourd that was held from 6 to 8 April and tested the Insa Turbo tyres to the extreme across the challenging Pyrenees landscape in the French village of Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle.

From winning the rally, Sargeant has said: “On day one, the conditions throughout the first stages of the rally were exceptionally challenging yet the Sahara ECORACE tyres provided the Defender with a high level of grip on the very slippery terrain whilst climbing up and down the very steep mountain tracks, with huge drop offs on either side of the tracks. 

“The heavy rain during the rally made for some deep standing water and swollen rivers, and with the huge rocks and boulders along the tracks, were the ideal conditions for the Defender. 

“Insa Turbo has produced an exceptional tyre, with better grip and durability for off-road racing and the soft compound provided me the grip to win six out of the 10 stages.”

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