KRAIBURG Austria invests in the Spanish market

KRAIBURG Austria intensifies its activities in the Spanish market. After Alessandro Bottesini was appointed as the new sales manager in March, the Upper Austrian retreading specialist now offers extended technical support for its proven, high quality products. Experience shows that, for the retreading partners, this service has an extensive effect on the end users, since the retreading process must be continuously checked and improved in order to ensure KRAIBURG’s high-performance vulcanised treads and compounds. It is of crucial importance for the fleets to under­stand how to fit retreaded tyres with a perfectly matched combination of pattern design and compound for the relevant application, moreover, how to maintain the tyres and to measure the mileage in order to create the utmost economic benefit.

KRAIBURG stands for quality and reliability

“Recently, we were able to offer two Spanish retreaders technical sup­port based on our many years of extensive expertise," says Holger Düx, Head of Sales at KRAIBURG Austria. “In the future, we will continue to promote this kind of collaboration with our partners who want to try the KRAIBURG quality.” 

“The developments in the Spanish market present us with a challenge," adds Alessandro Bottesini, Sales Manager of KRAIBURG Austria. “However, we see a great opportunity to increase the awareness on the Spanish market of the KRAIBURG brand, which has stood for quality and reliability for decades. The goal is to exploit hitherto untapped potentials in order to assume a similar position here as we already occupy in the other major European markets such as Germany, Italy or the UK in the intermediate term.” 

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