Red Alloy Gator Large

Make most of extra hour in bed with AlloyGators

AlloyGator is urging car owners to make the most of their extra hour in bed when the clocks go back to have a set of AlloyGators fitted – which takes the same time!

The timely advice from the alloy wheel protection specialists means that AlloyGator approved workshops and garages across the UK could be flooded with motorists looking to have the unique styling accessory fitted to their car on Sunday 29th October.

Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator said, “The clocks going back present the perfect opportunity for motorists to transform the look of their car by having AlloyGators fitted.

“It only takes about 60 minutes by an approved AlloyGator fitter so you are not actually losing any time as you get an extra hour in bed. However, we don’t expect car owners to rush down to their local AlloyGator installer the second the clocks go back at 2am!”

AlloyGators have been designed to protect alloy wheels and reduce the risk of damage caused by hitting kerbsides, driving over potholes and similar minor scrapes. They fit almost all wheel and tyre combinations and are available in 15 colours.

Curt added: “For customers who already have AlloyGators fitted then there are plenty of other ways to spend the extra hour, perhaps most obviously by having a lie in!”

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