Marangoni proves real extreme performance in off-road use

Marangoni Rock Crawling 1

Marangoni Retreading Systems released a new video showing a custom jeep, equipped with standard Marangoni retreads with no special compounding or enhancements, dealing with “rock crawling”: a type of off-road practised over very harsh terrain, with obstacles that may appear impassable.

Grip, precision and reliability are the crucial aspects for this discipline and the retread tyres are supporting the vehicle in the hardest movements. Their resistance under such extreme conditions implies that for sure they can handle normal everyday trucking conditions, as much as the best new tyres.

The video, presented recently by Marangoni Tread North America at the Permian Basin International Oil Show (Odessa, Texas), has impressed the public for the extraordinary capabilities brought by the tyres retreaded with Marangoni materials and technologies

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