Marangoni: tyre rolling resistance testing capability and reliability confirmed by TÜV

It has been recently confirmed that the equipment used at Marangoni's R&D laboratories to test the rolling resistance of the tyres meets the TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) standards.

The compliance procedure with an independent third-party body proves that the results achieved are both certified and comparable to those of a leading accredited association such as TÜV. Marangoni thus reaffirms its commitment to quality, continuous improvement and compliance with industry regulations - in force or in the process of being applied - such as the labelling of retreaded tyres, already in the agenda of the European Union.

As a result, in addition to using this in-house machine to test new compounds and increasingly efficient products, Marangoni can act as a reliable partner for anyone who needs to check the rolling resistance of their tyres in an accurate and certified way.

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