Michelin Auto Professional regional forums advise dealer network to welcome digital evolution with open arms

Embracing the ever-evolving digital consumer experience is key to thriving in the tyre retail trade, Michelin’s partner dealers were told at annual regional forums across the UK and Ireland.

Guests at the full-day events, held in Windsor, Manchester and Kilkenny, were encouraged to make full use of the tools and advice Michelin provides to develop a slick, engaging and accessible online presence capable of reaching a far wider audience.

The forums highlighted the dedicated end-to-end support that Michelin offers to all partner retailers – giving them the best possible platform upon which to build a solid and loyal customer base.

Mark Meagher, Michelin’s Programme Manager for the UK and Ireland, says: “We’re committed to our dealer partners and invest heavily in helping them provide outstanding customer service in an ever-evolving marketplace – both online and offline. As a result, Michelin really can help them grow their audience if they make use of the range of tools and guidance we give them.

“In order to retain customers, we expect our dealer partners across the UK and Ireland to deliver a seamless end-to-end consumer experience, from research, tyre selection and buying to fitting the premium products and delivering post-purchase support.

“We want to provide a simple, robust, integrated, digital one-stop shop for customers’ tyre needs. We have made an investment in capabilities and expertise to provide a suite of services and content to help our network of dealers succeed online.”

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