Michelin launches Agilis CrossClimate van and light truck tyre for safe driving in all weather conditions

288 095 Michelin Agilis Cross Climate 1200X901 Large

The new Agilis CrossClimate is a summer tyre with a full winter capability, boasting safety in all weathers, high mileage, robustness, damage resistance and long lasting performance, equating to low total cost of ownership.

Rigorous tests show mobility isn’t at all compromised in wintry conditions – the fitment is 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) winter certified for use on snowy roads – and the tyre also performs well on muddy and grassy surfaces, ideal for the range of surfaces UK vans travel on.

The Agilis CrossClimate’s all-year mobility has been achieved by a rugged tread pattern, manufactured with innovative new rubber compounds to promote flexibility in cold temperatures and sidewall and shoulder protection features for improved robustness in service.

Jonathan Layton, Michelin’s Head of Fleet in the UK and Ireland, says: “The Agilis CrossClimate solves the problem of wintry conditions bringing a van or light truck fleet to its knees in the UK and Ireland. It also eradicates the expense of buying different sets of winter and summer tyres – which, given the relatively mild climate across great swathes of the country in winter, can be an unwanted outlay for fleet managers.

“This is a highly capable tyre that can handle the demands of safe driving on wintry surfaces, mud and grass, but still behaves, brakes and boasts the long lasting performance of Michelin’s summer tyre range on dry and wet roads.”

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