More good news for van sector despite complex challenges ahead

There is much good news surrounding the van industry lately. Just last week the SMMT’s first van report underscored what we in the industry have known all along – that the humble van is the backbone of Britain.

The report found that vans contribute more than £56 billion to the UK economy annually and that 3.4 million people use or depend on one for their livelihood.

And now, this week, the latest SMMT figures show that demand for LCVs was up 4.7% in April, building on a record-breaking first quarter.

But the reality is that we are still living in uncertain times and we know we face complex challenges, but the sector stands ready to meet them, always innovating and developing to deliver ever more advanced technology.

Still, the recent figures underscore what we in the industry already knew – that vans are crucial to the UK economy and we can’t do without them.

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