Powerful coach range: New SmartTouring DL22 rounds off the Hankook tyre portfolio for long-distance coaches

With the introduction of the new SmartTouring DL22, premium tyre maker Hankook now offers a complete portfolio of coach tyres for long-distance routes to its coach fleet customers. The company is responding to the continuing increase in long-distance coach travel by completing its range in the long-distance coach segment with these new tyres for the drive axle. 

Hankook Coach Large

The SmartTouring DL22 has a particularly low noise level and therefore offers high ride comfort. The special tyre tread design guarantees uniform tyre wear even during permanent use, and makes a high mileage and long service life possible. Like most drive axle tyres from Hankook, the new all-year tyre has the 3PMSF symbol and M+S marking. The 3D sipes arranged in a V-shape make top grip and traction properties possible in the snow and wet, without having a negative effect on the mileage performance. The sipe technology of the SmartTouring DL22 also provides good longitudinal and lateral grip as well as directional and lateral stability. Low rolling resistance on the SmartTouring DL22 makes efficient fuel consumption possible.

Among others the tyre maker still offers the tried-and-trusted city tyre AU03+ in its range for short and medium distances. This model has been specially designed to meet the requirements of stop-and-go traffic in cities as well as on country roads, and is particularly suitable for use on scheduled urban buses. The side walls were recently reinforced to guarantee even safer and more efficient use in city traffic; in addition, an even wider and deeper side wall indicator has been incorporated which protects the tyre from damage, including gravel throw and contact with kerbstones. The all-year tyre is available in size 275/70R22.5 and comes marked with the M+S and 3PMSF symbols (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake).

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