SCHRADER launches Black Service Kit for dark alloy wheels

The wheel business in Europe is always undergoing continuous improvement and change, especially with regard to alloy wheel design. The trend is increasing in the direction of coloured and specifically black wheels. This development is also recognized by global leader SCHRADER. Therefore, the company now offers a Service Kit with black valves for the EZ-sensor 2.0® for an easy replacement of the typical silver valve. 
The components of the SCHRADER Service Kit fulfil 100% of the original quality as the manufacturer develops and produces its entire product range (including valves) inhouse. This is accomplished according to the strict OE quality standards of the automotive industry. The black valves with the item number 5061B-10 pass through several controls, e.g. tests for salt and corrosion resistance, material strength and speed tests to ensure the best quality and safety for customers and drivers. 
Furthermore, the new black valve includes a protective ring (called a “washer”), which allows the stem to be mounted gently on the alloy wheel to avoid any scratches. When installing sensors and service kits, the manufacturing specifications should always be observed to ensure best practice operation. The service kit is designed to fit the EZ-sensor 2.0® type 2210 and 1210, as well as a variety of OE sensors, for example Ford, Mercedes, Renault and Hyundai. The new product is now available at

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