SD-International launch the Three A tyre range in the UK


As a progressive and innovative global Contract Tyre Producer – SD-International have once again added to their continually extensive range with the introduction of the all-new Three A brand for which they are now the exclusive distributor for England, Scotland and Wales.

The Three A brand portfolio covers the PCR, high performance, van and light commercial, winter, 4x4/SUV and truck tyre market sectors across nine attractive pattern options – the P306, P606, Effitrac, EcoSnow, EcoSnow 4x4, Freeze S1, Ecosaver, Ecolander and Challenger MT.

Every one of the Three A tyre ranges offer a number of important features and benefits to ensure high speed handling, safety and performance, ultimate road holding and grip on all road surfaces and weather conditions, impressive traction in harsh road condition and extended mileage return. Plus a choice of extensive sizes for each range is readily available.

Andy Baron – SD International’s points out, “The Three A tyre range is our very latest quality budget mid-range brand and we are delighted to be able offer a further alternative tyre to our growing range of customers in the UK. It is an extremely flexible newcomer to the UK industry which I am very confident will become a popular choice in the industry.”

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