Supertracker to launch new Wheel Alignment innovation – Shoot & Go

As in previous years, Southampton based Supertracker one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality wheel alignment equipment has recorded another successful year and in keeping with their tradition of continually introducing new and innovative wheel alignment solutions are moving into 2018 with the launch of ‘Shoot & Go!’

The Supertracker Shoot & Go ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System) has been specially produced to provide technical wheel alignment data from a digital camera installed at the front of the lift/ramp which allows the aligner to automatically record a number plate which is relayed to a central server with technical data in up to three seconds.

This groundbreaking system completely streamlines the whole alignment process and saves valuable time. It can also be used in conjunction with a special App ‘Aligner Connect’ to view the readings and operation of an aligner with a Smart Phone or Tablet.

Supertracker ‘Shoot & Go’ will become available from January onwards and for further details on the company’s very latest equipment innovation visit or email

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