The Tyred Campaign Bill receives a Government Reading

The increasingly successful  Tyred Campaign has now taken yet another step closer to being legally recognised as Liverpool Labour MP – Maria Eagle - presented an Early Day Motion along with a ten minute Rule Bill on Thursday 12th October at the Houses of Parliament. Then on Tuesday 31st October the proposed new Tyre Law Bill will be fully presented in Parliament.

This is not the first time the Bill has been heard in Parliament as it was proposed in 2016 but never reached a ‘second reading’ due to lack of Parliamentary support. However both Maria Eagle and Frances Molloy are confident that this time the Bill will succeed and progress towards the next stage of the proposed legislation becoming Law.

Maria says, “This simple piece of legislation will not cost anything for the Government to implement but will save lives. A change in the law is long overdue as quite frankly it is unbelievable that commercial vehicles including buses and coaches are still allowed to carry passengers without any legal age limit on the tyres that are fitted.”

Frances adds, “This development is a massive step forward for the campaign which we never really expected to materialise so soon after Tyred was launched in the summer. Securing the Early Day Motion and Ten minute Rule Bill will significantly increase our ability to lobby members of Parliament and eventually bring about the ‘common sense’ change in tyre law that we are looking for.

Francis Molloy Joe Molloy Tyred3401 Large

Frances Molloy and Son Joe with Campaign message

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