TRICO Ice Wiper Blades & Ice Scraper Kits - Winter Essentials for Garages

With hail, sleet and snow all forecast imminently TRICO has launched both the Ice wiper blades and Ice scraper kits to both garages and factors to help their customers to be prepared for the wintry weather.
TRICO Ice wiper blades have a specially designed ruggedly constructed synthetic-blended armour that is infinitely flexible and protects critical wiper components from ice and snow. Available in lengths up to 700mm, they also offer a one-piece flexible design which conforms to most windscreens, a robust heavy-gauge wiper element which resists tearing in sub-zero temperatures, with a universal easy-fit connection system for quick installation to all common wiper arm types and a Teflon® infused wiper element for a smooth quiet wipe.
TRICO is also well aware that space can be limited in some garages, motor factors and retail stores so, along with the new Flex carton merchandisers, they have introduced an Ice merchandiser measuring just 60cm x 40cm and 1.6m tall. It also comes pre-packed with 64 Ice blades, a header card and catalogue.
TRICO Ice scraper kits are now available for those cold and frosty mornings. Presented in a 24-piece counter display unit, each ice scraper comes with a serrated edge for ice removal and a rubber edge to clear excess water

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