Vredestein's Winter Tyres on Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique's Finishing Line

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European tyre company Vredestein supplied the award-winning Snowtrac 5 winter tyres which crossed the finishing line at the end of a gruelling but exciting 2018 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. 

“Our Vredestein Snowtrac 5 Winter tyres, although designed for more modern cars, suited the 47-year-old Porsche extremely well in wet, dry and snowy conditions, providing it with rewarding and predictable balance and handling. Also, the Vredestein Arctrac studded tyres we switched to before tackling sections with ice or hard-packed snow were superb and got us out of trouble a few times!” said Sandy.

The 21st Rallye Historique gathers a range of prestigious classic cars with impeccable racing history. Vredestein’s Snowtrac 5s and Arctracs ensured that Sandy’s Porsche completed the race on perfectly suitable tyres with a matching illustrious heritage.

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