Wheelwright Announces Launch Of Momo Wheel & Tyre Range In UK At World Famous Buckmore Park

Wheelwright, suppliers of the UK's largest range of aftermarket alloy wheels, today announced its intention to re-introduce one of the world's most beloved wheel makers to the UK market, Momo. The announcement itself was made by CEO of Momo wheels Massimo Ciocca at the iconic Buckmore Park kart circuit in Kent, with the complete range of stunning Momo alloys will be available to British buyers in the coming months. 

Those of you with longer memories will no doubt remember Momo Wheels from their inception in the UK market, one which saw the Italian firm rise to prominence in the mid to late '90s with designs like the Momo Arrow. News that the Momo name will once again be dynamically relaunching to the UK's shores is superb news all round then, particularly as the brand will now be in the safest of hands thanks to its partnership with Wheelwright. 

The Momo tyres range has been added the company's range and has proved very popular, not least as they're optimised for both the Momo wheel range and performance driving in general. All Momo tyres are designed and manufactured by Hankook, one of the tyre world's coming forces and a firm with an ever improving reputation.

Tyres aside, Momo is also able to supply an impressively diverse portfolio of road wheels for an even greater variety of different cars. Some undoubted highlights include the Massimo, Screamjet Evo, Hyperstar and Hyperstar Evo and Quantum.

The Momo range of road wheels will be available to UK buyers within the next few months – head over to the Wheelwright website to learn more –

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