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​European Tyre Enterprises Limited's successful evening

European Tyre Enterprises Limited (ETEL) had a very successful evening at the NTDA Tyre Industry Awards on Thursday, winning in three categories - Staff Training and Development Initiative, National Apprentice Tyre Technician of the Year (Kimberley Locker) and joint winner of the REACT Roadside Technician of the Year award (Adam Grimley).


Don’t Put all the Pressure on TPMS

TyreSafe is reminding drivers not to rely solely on tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to ensure their tyre safety. While this valued technology has been proven to improve road safety by advising of a change in tyre pressure, drivers need to check their TPMS is working and be aware that it does not warn drivers of the condition of their tyres nor the amount of tread depth.


Beware of aquaplaning – How to drive safely in heavy rain

Heavy rain is on its way, the autumn means darker evenings and sometimes lots of rain. Sudden showers and water puddles on roads can cause a dangerous situation for drivers if the car begins to aquaplane uncontrollably. The risk of aquaplaning is the highest in ruts and curves, where there can be several centimetres of water between the tyre and the road. However, you can drive safely in rainy weather as long as you keep in mind a few basic facts.


Carly Car Check reveals secret life of cars to prospective car buyers

A new app, that helps car buyers to uncover fraud in used cars they are looking to purchase is now officially available in the UK. Carly’s Connected Car app, available for BMW, MINI, Mercedes and Volkswagen Group cars, can tap into the car’s multiple computers (ECUs) to check for correlation with the visible speedometer and identify whether data has been manipulated.