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Three Months Of Outstanding Success And Support For The Tyred Campaign

It is now over three months since the Tyred Campaign to effectively force the ban of all tyres older than ten years on all commercial vehicles was officially launched in Liverpool by Frances Molloy following the death of her son Michael (18) and two other victims – Kerry Ogden (23) and Driver Colin Daulby (53) in a horrific coach crash caused by the catastrophic failure of a second hand 20 year old tyre and to say the campaign has swiftly gained significant momentum would be a totally understatement!


Winter business with

For car companies and tyre dealers, the autumn changeover season is one of the best times of year for generating revenue. If you can offer fast, good quality service, not only will you build loyalty among your regular customers, you will also ideally win new customers too.


Xtractor Around The World, The Adventure Goes On

For the second time, agricultural tractors are the stars of the TV adventure Xtractor. BKT as sponsor of an expedition whose destination has not been disclosed yet - a journey to discover unknown landscapes and cultures, while bringing attention to a sector of paramount importance for the entire planet, namely the farming sector.